Saxon society promo video

Take a little sneak preview of our day out with the Saxon Golf Society, full video will be coming soon. The society of the month feature will be something we do on a regular basis giving societies that are part of our platform the opportunity for the Society Golfer camera crew to join you for a round and create a video showing the story of your day…it’s your own little chance for a bit of shameless promotion and the chance for people to single you out as someone they want to challenge for a game!

Society of the month sneak preview from on Vimeo.

You will also get a chance to take part in our quick fire 15 question round and our bucket challenge, where we will be giving away a four-ball on a prestige UK course – More details of this will follow soon

If you would like to take part in the Society of the Month feature, please email with the subject line "Society of the month"