Welcome to societygolfer.com

Welcome to SocietyGolfer.com

We would like to officially welcome you to SocietyGolfer.com, we are delighted to now be live and cannot wait for you to start enjoying the range of society improving functions that we have available. We have built this platform for people like you and like us, therefore we would always encourage users from our community to provide feedback on things you like, dislike or feel we may be missing. If you want to get in touch you can do on our contacts page here

Societygolfer.com want to continually evolve to ensure we are providing everything we can to make your society golf as much fun as possible, if you want to find out a little more about us, you can visit our "what we do" page to see what we want to achieve and what we currently offer.

We encourage people to have fun on the site, we want you to upload bloopers, comment on other people’s videos and photos, engage in fun golfing rivalries versus other societies…all we ask is keep it fun, and keep it clean… to use words from the mouth of the Wooky like Richard Keys…. "BANTER…it was just Banter"

All that remains is for us to say, enjoy the site and all its great functions, stay tuned for regular updates, news, tutorials, features and challenges….. and please provide any feedback, constructive or otherwise

The SocietyGolfer.com team