Society Golfer is a dedicated portal for the world of Amateur golf. The site has four main aims.

  1. To provide a centralised hub for UK golf societies to have an automated process to manage all aspects of their society.
  2. To have a community driven ‘’social’’ site where people can interact and engage with the  users or members through discussion and user generated content, making the site a fun destination for people to "hang out"
  3. To offer service providers within the golfing world the chance to engage with the community and vice-versa
  4. To offer pertinent news and features to ensure the site is a reliable resource for golf related content

Our Philosophy

We aim to take the hassle away from managing society activities whilst giving golfers that are either attached to, or looking for a society, the opportunity to be part of a community of people that share their passion. We want to build the number one destination for golfers to be able to get their daily fix, whether that be based around their individual or society progress, receiving the latest news in the golfing world or simply to consume fun and engaging content whilst having the ability to play an active part in the community. 
For many golfers, their first experience of the game is through a society where tee time are pre-booked at dedicated venues to benefit from discounted rates. It allows new comers to the game the opportunity to learn and understand golf as well as being able to compete for prizes in a competitive but unpressured environment. is more than just a management system for societies, the aim is to be a comprehensive hub for users to be able to become part of an active community, to share, interact and compete, to feel part of something they are passionate about and to allow them to access information and opportunities within the golfing world.

A list of features and functions the site will have are...

  • Keep up to date information on society activities
  • Publish society profiles so members know who's who
  • Publish events for members to join
  • Allow members to sign up for events on line
  • Publish results of past events
  • Publish a detailed calendar of upcoming events
  • Upload pictures and videos to your own gallery area
  • Run strokeplay, match play or stableford competitions
  • Use automated draw facility for events
  • Register results of competitions simply and easily
  • Post information to comments board
  • Notify members via email whenever your section has been updated
  • Automated handicap scoring system
  • Compare your society versus others
  • Challenge other societies to a match
  • Game Tracker
  • Find a course/coach
  • Join a society
  • Profile management – bio/picture/clubs used/handicap progress